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Blair Board of Education Meeting
Monday, November 11th, 2013
Arbor Park Intermediate School
6:30 Regular Board Meeting



Printable Agenda
1.    Call to Order
  • Information concerning the Open Meeting Law, Chapter 84, Article 14 of Nebraska State Statutes, is posted on the bulletin board in this room.
2.    Roll Call
3.    Pledge of Allegiance
  • Arbor Park students will be leading the pledge and introduced by Mr. Mike Janssen, Prinicpal of Arbor Park.
4.    Approval of Emergency Additions to the Agenda
5.    Call for Removal of Consent Agenda Items 

6.    Approval of Consent Agenda
 A.    Waiver of reading minutes from previous meeting
 B.    Acceptance of minutes of the previous meeting as published
 C.    Receipt of Communications
 D.    Treasurer’s Report
 E.    Audit of Claims
7.    Business 
A.    Items removed from Consent Agenda
B.    Recognitions:
  1.  Bob Tichota of the Blair Fire Department would like to address the Board of Education as a thank you to Blair Community Schools for their cooperation with Fire Safety Week.
  2. Edie Solomon is being recognized for winning the Gregg Young "Going the Extra Mile Award"

C. Acceptance of Gifts:  
  1. As part of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska Board Directed Contributions Campaign, Karen Aman contributed $1,000.00 as a gift to the Blair Community Schools District Wide Special Needs Committee.
  2. CF Industries Mini Grant Awards presented to:
    1. Jennifer Chikos - $367.00 (Field trip costs for 12 trips to DeSoto National Wildlife Refuge & Water treatment kits
    2. Gayln Delimont & Carolyn Harkreader - $1,800.00 (Convection Ovens)
    3. Jeff Maas - $249.00 (Solar Power Cruiser module)
    4. Lori Strohm & Jennifer Chikos - $450.00 (Water Ecology Field Kits)
D.    Consideration of Communications:
  1. BHS students trip to Japan:  Mr. Anderson of Blair High school has written a letter to ask permission for BHS students and Bob Bair (sponsor) to travel to Japan this summer to visit our sister school.  Students would pay their own way and would have the ability to do some fundraising for the trip.  This trip generally lasts two (2) weeks.
    1. If the Board is in agreement, a motion may be brought at the November 11th, 2013 Board of Education meeting to grant permission for the BHS students and Mr. Bob Bair (sponsor) to travel to Japan during the summer of 2014.
  2. OMS Eighth Grade Band Trip:  Dr. Stogdill of Otte Middle School has written a letter to ask permission for the 8th grade band to travel to Adventureland in Des Moines, IA on Friday, May 23rd, 2014.  The band will perform a concert in the morning and then spend the rest of the day at the park.  They will be under the supervision of the band director and parent volunteers.  The cost of the trip will be approximately $50 per student, which includes the park ticket and transportation.  Parents/guardians will be responsible for the cost of this trip.
    1. If the Board is in agreement, a motion may be brought at the November 11th, 2013 Board of Education meeting to grant permission for the 8th grade band from Otte Middle School to travel to Adventureland in Des Moines, IA on Friday, May 23rd, 2014.

E.    Comments From The Public

This is the portion of the meeting when members of the public may address the board about matters of public concern.


  1. Getting started:  When you have been recognized, please stand and state your name. 
  2. Time Limit:  You may speak only one time and must limit your comments to 5 minutes or less.  
  3. Personnel or Student Topic:  If you are planning to speak about a personnel or student matter involving an individual, please understand that our policies require you to follow the district’s complaint procedure before addressing the board.  Board members will generally not respond to any questions or comments you make about individual staff members or students.  Please remember that slanderous comments will not be tolerated. 
  4. General Rules:  This is a public meeting for the conduct of business.  Comments from within the audience while others are speaking will not be tolerated.  Offensive language, personal attacks, and hostile conduct will not be tolerated.
  5. No action by the Board:  The Board will not act on any matter unless it is on the published agenda.
F.    Committee Reports

       Policy Committee
       10/28/13 Meeting Minutes 
  •  If the Board is in agreement, a motion may be brought at the November 11th, 2013 Board of Education meeting to approve the first reading of policy 607.05 Student Field Trips and Excursions and to rescind 607.05R1 - Administrative Guidelines for Reimbursement to Students and Staff at National Conventions.

Curriculum Committee

       BG&T Committee
      11/4/13 Meeting Minutes
       Finance Committee
10/31/13 Meeting Minutes

G.   Approval of New Teachers
H.   Acceptance of Resignations

I.   Student Achievement
  1. Preschool Report - Mrs. Lucas-Richt
J.    Informational Items
  1. Lyle Schjodt has taken out a policy to receive health insurance through the Blair Community Schools Blue Cross/Blue Shield insurance program.  This information is to be reported quarterly, as required by state statute 79-506.
  2. Superintendent's Report
  3. Blair Board of Education delegate selection for the NASB Delegate Assembly on Friday, November 22
8.     Meeting Adjourned


       Mr. Rex Pfeil 
       Superintendent of Schools

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