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Blair Board of Education Meeting
Monday, December 9, 2013
Arbor Park Intermediate School
5:30 Work Session - Facilities
6:30 Regular Meeting


Printable Agenda
1.    Call to Order - Information concerning the Open Meeting Law, Chapter 84, Article 14 of Nebraska State Statutes, is posted on the bulletin board in this room.
2.    Roll Call
3.    Pledge of Allegiance Deerfield and West students will be leading the pledge and introduced by Mrs. Laura Jackson, Prinicpal of Deerfield and West Schools.
4.    Approval of Emergency Additions to the Agenda
5.    Call for Removal of Consent Agenda Items 

6.    Approval of Consent Agenda
 A.    Waiver of reading minutes from previous meeting
 B.    Acceptance of minutes of the previous meeting as published
 C.    Receipt of Communications
 D.    Treasurer’s Report
 E.    Audit of Claims
7.    Business 
A.   Items removed from Consent Agenda
B. Recognitions:
  1. Blair Commuinty Schools Foundation STEM Grant Recipients:
    1. Exploring Math and Science in the Preschool Environment, Laura Schlachter (PreK) - $750.00
    2. Exploring Math and Science in the Preschool Environment, Morgan Shields (PreK) - $750.00
    3. Exploring Math and Science in the Preschool Environment, Judith Lefeber (PreK) - $750.00
    4. Co2 Car Prototype Testing, Jeffrey Maas (OBMS) - $750.00
    5. SmartView Software for TI-84 Calculator, Annette Ott (BHS) - $500.00
    6. Enhancing Business Education Through Digital Imagry, Pat Olson (BHS) - $750.00
    7. First Tech Challenge Robotics Team, Ross Udey (BHS) - $750.00
    8. eBook Explosion, Krystal Macholan (BHS) - $500.00
  2. Riverview Grange #392 - Blair, NE
    1. Dictionaries to all 3rd grade students at North, South, Deerfield, and West Schools

C. Acceptance of Gifts
D.   Consideration of Communications

E. Student Achievement
  1. High Ability Learner Overview
    1. Presentation by Mrs. Lori Strohm, HAL Coordinator

F.    Comments From The Public

This is the portion of the meeting when members of the public may address the board about matters of public concern.


  1. Getting started:  When you have been recognized, please stand and state your name. 
  2. Time Limit:  You may speak only one time and must limit your comments to 5 minutes or less.  
  3. Personnel or Student Topic:  If you are planning to speak about a personnel or student matter involving an individual, please understand that our policies require you to follow the district’s complaint procedure before addressing the board.  Board members will generally not respond to any questions or comments you make about individual staff members or students.  Please remember that slanderous comments will not be tolerated. 
  4. General Rules:  This is a public meeting for the conduct of business.  Comments from within the audience while others are speaking will not be tolerated.  Offensive language, personal attacks, and hostile conduct will not be tolerated.
  5. No action by the Board:  The Board will not act on any matter unless it is on the published agenda.
G.    Committee Reports

       Policy Committee
       11/18/13 Meeting Minutes 
  •  If the Board is in agreement, a motion may be brought at the December 9th,  2013 Board of Education meeting to approve the second and final notification of revised policy 607.05-Student Field Trips and Excursions and to rescind 607.05R1-Administrative Guidelines for Reimbursement to Students and Staff at National Conventions.

       Curriculum Committee

       BG&T Committee
      11/25/13 Meeting Minutes
       Finance Committee
/13 Meeting Minutes

  • If the Board is in agreement, a motion may be brought at the December 9th, 2013 Board of Education meeting to accept the August 31st, 2013 Financial Statements Audit from Ritterbush & Piotrowski L.L.P. as presented.
     Ad Hoc Committee on Activities

H.   Approval of New Teachers
I.   Acceptance of Resignations

J.     Informational Items
  1. Superintendent Report
    1. Review of Board calendar dates
    2. Survey for Board Committee assignments beginning January 2014
    3. eMeetings information
K. Closed Session
The Board of Education is authorized by state statute to hold closed sessions.  Closed sessions may be held when clearly necessary for the protection of the public interest or for the prevention of needless injury to the reputation of an individual.  Reasons that meet this standard include but are not limited to:  (a) strategy sessions with respect to collective bargaining, real estate matters, pending litigation, or litigation which is imminent as evidenced by communication of a claim or threat of litigation to or by the public body; (b) discussion regarding deployment of security personnel or devices; (c) investigative proceedings regarding allegations of criminal misconduct; (d) evaluation of the job performance of a person when necessary to prevent needless injury to the reputation of a person and if such person has not requested a public meeting; and (e) legal advice.
  • If the Board is in agreement, a motion may be brought at the December 9th, 2013 Board of Education meeting to enter into Closed Session for the purpose of collective bargaining.
  	8.  	Adjournment


Mr. Rex Pfeil 
 Superintendent of Schools

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