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Blair Board of Education Meeting
Monday, January 13, 2014
Arbor Park Intermediate School
5:30pm Work Session - eMeetings Training
6:30pm Regular Meeting



Printable Agenda
1.    Call to Order - Information concerning the Open Meeting Law, Chapter 84, Article 14 of Nebraska State Statutes, is posted on the bulletin board in this meeting room.

2.    Roll Call 
3.    Pledge of Allegiance - Blair High School students will be leading the pledge and will be introduced by Mr. Tom Anderson, Principal of Blair High School.

          4.     Organization of the Board of Education 

        Election of President and Vice-President of the Board of Education.
        Approval of offices and appointments:

         Secretary...........................Nicky Dabney
         Treasurer..........................Leslie Watts
         School Attorney..............Edmond Talbot, III
         School Physician..............Dr. John Simonson
         Official Newspaper.........Blair Enterprise
         Bank Depository.............Washington County Bank
         Truant Officer..................Washington County Sheriff/Blair Police Department

         If the Board is in agreement, a motion may be brought at the January, 13th, 2014 Board of Education meeting to
         approve the current offices and appointments as listed above.
5.    Approval of Emergency Additions to the Agenda (Board members should make a motion to 
       amend the present Agenda to include the following items of an emergency nature.)

Call for Removal of Consent Agenda Items 

7.    Approval of Consent Agenda
A.    Waiver of reading minutes from previous meeting
B.    Acceptance of minutes of the previous meeting as published
        12/9/13 Meeting Minutes
C.    Receipt of Communications
D.    Treasurer’s Report
        General Fund
        Building Fund & Depreciation

E.    Audit of Claims
                General Fund
                     Activity Fund
8.    Business  
A.    Items removed from Consent Agenda

B.    Recognitions
  • Jennifer Towle and Brett Legrand - Social Studies teachers at Otte-Blair Middle School - involvement on the State Committee to develop Social Studies standards instructional tools.
  • Jim Sides - Director of Curriculum and Instruction - Development of and being selected to receive a competitive grant in the amount of $8,000 from the Blair Area Community Foundation for digital learning at Arbor Park School.
C.    Consideration of Communications
D.    Student Achievement
  • Grades K-3 Report presented by Principals Amy Rogers and Laura Jackson
E.    Comments from the Public
This is the portion of the meeting when members of the public may speak to the board about 
matters of public concern.
Getting started: When you have been recognized, please stand and state your name. 
Time Limit: You may speak only one time and must limit your comments to 5 minutes or less.  
Personnel or Student Topic: If you are planning to speak about a personnel or student matter 
involving an individual, please understand that our policies require you to follow the district’s 
complaint procedure before addressing the board.  Board members will generally not respond 
to any questions or comments you make about individual staff members or students.  Please 
remember that slanderous comments will not be tolerated. 
General Rules: This is a public meeting for the conduct of business.  Comments from within the 
audience while others are speaking will not be tolerated.  Offensive language, personal attacks, 
and hostile conduct will not be tolerated.
No action by the Board: The Board will not act on any matter unless it is on the published agenda.
F.    Committee Reports

         Policy Committee
  • No meeting held in December 2013

        Curriculum Committee
        No meeting held in December 2013
        BG&T Committee
        1/13/14 Meeting Minutes

Facility Study Special Meetings

  •  If the Board is in agreement a motion may be brought to the January 13th, 2014 Board of Education meeting to accept the bid of $97,154.00 from Nebraska Central Equipment for a 71 passenger regular education bus. 
        Finance Committee
        1/13/14 Meeting Minutes
G.    Acceptance of Gifts
H.   Approval of New Teachers
 I.   Acceptance of Retirements:

       Six letters of retirement have been received effective at the end of the 2013-14 school year, contingent upon receiving  the early retirement incentive from Blair Community Schools.
  1. Bob Bair - Language Arts, Blair High School
  2. Gayln Delimont - Family/Consumer Science, Otte Middle School/Blair High School
  3. Karen Grinberg - Language Arts, Blair High School
  4. Leslie Palmer - 1st Grade, North Primary School
  5. Ann Samson - 5th Grade, Arbor Park intermediate School
  6. Bob Richey - School Psychologist, K-12
  • If the Board is in agreement, a motion may be brought at the January 13th, 2014 Board of Education meeting to adjust limitations of Board Policy 408.06 and accept the six retirements effective at the end of the 2013-14 school year, contingent upon receiving the early retirement inventive from the Blair Community Schools.
 J.   Acceptance of Resignations
     The following letters of resignation have been received:
  • Lyndsay Hiykel, Special Education teacher at Otte Middle School - effective at the end of the 2013-14 school year.
  • Sarah Swift, Special Education teacher at Otte-Blair Middle School - effective at the end of the 2013-14 school year.
  • If the Board is in agreement, a motion may be brought at the January 13th, 2014 Board of Education meeting to accept the resignations of Lyndsay Hiykel and Sarah Swift, effective at the end of the 2013-14 school year.

K.  Informational Items
  • Superintendent's Report
L. Closed Session
  • The Board of Education is authorized by state statute to hold closed sessions.  Closed sessions may be held when clearly necessary for the protection of the public interest or for the prevention of needless injury to the reputation of an individual.  Reasons that meet this standard include but are not limited to:  (a) strategy sessions with respect to collective bargaining, real estate matters, pending litigation, or litigation which is imminent as evidenced by communication of a claim or threat of litigation to or by the public body; (b) discussion regarding deployment of security personnel or devices; (c) investigative proceedings regarding allegations of criminal misconduct; (d) evaluation of the job performance of a person when necessary to prevent needless injury to the reputation of a person and if such person has not requested a public meeting; and (e) legal advice.
  • If the Board is in agreement, a motion may be brought at the January 13th, 2014 Board of Education meeting to enter into Closed Session for the purpose of collective bargaining.
M.  Items From Closed Session
  • Board action on the Negotiated Agreement between the Blair Education Association and the Blair Board of Education for the 2014-15 contract year.

9.     Meeting Adjourned


        Mr. Rex Pfeil
        Superintendent of Schools

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