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Staff Development Program

Blair Community School’s Staff Development program is committed to providing quality professional development activities for teachers, administrators, and non-instructional personnel. Our professional development program provides staff access to ongoing, research-based training opportunities. Teachers fulfill their professional development responsibilities at the district, building, and individual grade levels through internal designed training programs, as well as through local and state workshops.

Our professional development program is consistent with the Board/Superintendent/District Goal (Align Staff Development & Curriculum to Support Student Learning and Instructional Innovation), Blair Teacher Appraisal Standard 12 (The competent teacher demonstrates commitment to the profession and professional improvement), Blair Technology Plan, and the National Staff Development Council’s Standards. It is designed to enhance, maintain, and refine staff skills. Trainings reflect the research in best practices for developing high achievement in all content areas for all students.

  • In an effort to provide school-based differentiated trainings to the greatest number of people possible, we will structure professional development sessions:
  • After school time
  • Summer teaching academies
  • District in-services
  • Professional Learning Communities
  • Scheduled collaborative training times during the day.
  • Faculty, team, and department meetings.
  • Release time approved by building or district administrative staff.
  • Educational webinars

We believe that learning is a lifelong process, not only for students, but also staff. Rigorous research suggests that sustained and intensive professional learning for teachers is related to student achievement gains. The Blair Community Schools Staff Development Program supports the following principles:

  • Professional development should be intensive, ongoing, and connected to practice.
  • Professional development should focus on student learning and address the teaching of specific curriculum content.
  • Professional development is driven by school improvement, building, and district goals.
  • Professional development should build strong working relationships among teachers.

The Blair Community Schools Staff Development Program will:

  • Be grounded in knowledge and research about teaching and learning.
  • Provide opportunities to explore, question, and debate in order to integrate new ideas into classroom practice.
  • Provide a common language around best educational practices for collegial dialogue within and across disciplines.
  • Be accessible and inclusive to all staff and be seen as an integral part of daily practice.
  • Stimulate and support site-based initiatives.
  • Provide for sufficient time and follow-up support for staff to master new content and strategies.
  • Draw on the expertise of staff and take into account the differing degrees of experience present in school settings.
  • Be all-inclusive, including programs, such as Special Education, High Ability Learners, and English Language Learners.
  • Ensure participation to remain current in the field.

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