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Blair, NE 68008
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This Fall, Blair Community Schools will be implementing Professional Learning Communities. The Professional Learning Communities will meet every Friday morning. We wanted to make sure you are aware of the transportation schedule for each Friday. On each Friday, buses will be running 90 minutes later than they do on Monday thru Thursday.

If you have any questions please call 402-426-4509. Also please call this same number if there any changes with you child’s daily schedule.

Friday Bus Time Conversion


Bill Brown, Transportation Director 

Mindy Jorgensen, Assistant Director

Hours Of Operation:
6:30 AM-4:45 PM M-F

760 Iowa Street, Blair

Phone Number: (402) 426-4509

Fax Number: (402) 426-2462

Blair Community Schools is taking applications for school bus drivers. Please contact the transportation office for more information at 402.426.4509.



 School board policy requires the following driver certification for all persons who: (1) drive district owned or leased vehicles, private vehicle or (2) drive students as part of their employment or (3) provide pupil transportation services which are sponsored or approved by the district. If you do not see your name listed below, download the form and documentation and turn in to the transportation department.

Click here to download the driver certification form and related documentation.

List of Approved Drivers

Tom Anderson
Courtney Archer
Matt Aschoff
Rebecca Back
Heather Beal
Terry Bellamy
James Bilslend
Bill Brown
Jennifer Brown
Donna Callaghan
Mark Dickinson
Lauren Diffey
Eric Dolezal 
Morgan Echtenkamp
Jennifer Fangmeier
Erin Field
Scott Flynn
Jennifer Fowler
Jill Gross
Leon Haith
 Darren Harsin
Jill Hensley
August Hogan
Tami Huff
Matt Huseman
Dan Hutsell 
Kyle Johnson
Laura Joy
Natalie Koziol
Danielle Ladwig
Brett LeGrand
Mallory Lorence
Krystal Macholan
Kari Mahannah
Rebecca Mathiesen
Aaron McClain
Heather Mead
Ed Mills
Kathleen Misfeldt
Jeff Mount 
Amy Murray
Carson Norine
Michael O'Kane
Pat Olson 
Annette Ott
Emily Peatrowsky
Dustin Penas
Kris Pfeil
Rex Pfeil
John Roan 
Amy Rogers
Brian Sandall
Laura Schlachter
Vicki Schrick
Kari Schueth
Chris Schuler
Sara Skinner
Brian Slomimski
Angela Soukup
Bryan Soukup
Chris Stogdill
Trevor Templar
Angel Thomas
Chiyo Trauernicht
Ross Udey
Susan Udey
Angela Ulven
Mary Jo Veskrna 
Erich Warner
Tyler Weatherholt
Kelli Westphal
Chris Whitwer
Molly Willing
Cole Wills 
Cherise Wry

Get a Transportation Application Here!

For those new to transportation, a signed transportation application is needed.  An application needs to be received at least 3 days prior to the day you need bus services to begin.

Click here for the Transportation Applicaiton.


        For the safety of all children who ride a school bus please respect the stop arm.  The law states: Upon meeting or overtaking, from the front or the rear, any school bus on which the yellow lights are flashing, the driver of a motor vehicle shall reduce the speed of such vehicle to not more than twenty-five miles per hour and shall bring the vehicle to a complete stop when the school bus is stopped and the stop signal arm is extended, and shall remain stopped until the signal arm is retracted and the bus resumes motion.  Any person violating this law shall be guilty of a class lV misdemeanor, shall be fined five hundred dollars and shall be assesed 3 point from his or her motor vehilce license.


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