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What Is LtoJ?


Although it’s early in our school year, you may have already heard your child talking about their weekly LtoJ quiz. You also may have seen bulletin boards in classrooms with the same title during Open House, or heard it mentioned when you visited school. The “L” and the “J” represent the desired shapes of the graphs at the beginning of the year, and then at the end of the year. If instruction is appropriate, the shape moves from an “L” to a bell shape mid-year, to a “J” at the end. At the beginning of the year, teachers determine essential concepts or vocabulary words that will be taught throughout the year. Each week, or every two weeks, questions are chosen at random for the LtoJ quiz and the results are charted for the class progress. Students can see how they contribute to the overall success of the class over time and have a constant review and preview of material for the year. When they reach an All Time Best (ATB), the class has a simple celebration of their accomplishment.


So what are the benefits of using LtoJ in our classrooms?



We can determine if our standards are set at a high level at the beginning of the year if we start with an “L” shaped graph. If it’s a “J” at the beginning, we know students already know most of the concepts and we need to adjust the rigor.


Students see their collective efforts as they make progress over time.


LtoJ can be adapted to multiple areas to chart progress.


Students can measure their individual progress as it relates to classroom progress.


The LtoJ charts provide a visual representation of student and class progress, and allow anyone who comes to their classroom to see a picture of their learning.




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